With our help, dare to build your infinity pool

We give you all the tools to make yourself the pool of your dreams: drawings, advice and assistance.

We are spécialists in overflow pools and want to help you.

For many years, the arrival of numerous self-construction kits has changed the world of swimming pools; everyone is able to make a skimmers pool. Thanks to our experience, we go further, helping you build, alone or with craftsmen, the concrete infinity pool of your dreams.

Exclusive design & Drawings

Among our customers some want a tailor-made project taking into account both their desires but also the site requirements. We are here to offer them a personalised project.
Then come the plans. We attach great importance to the quality and clarity of our plans. We use colors for a more visually pleasing rendering but above all for a better understanding.

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We are there to assist you before, during and after the work: list of equipment and materials, site monitoring or assistance in starting up your pool, for example.
You have a problem with an existing swimming pool, we are there too. Describe the problem and we will help you solve it in the most economical way.
We share our experience for your satisfaction.

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What we can do for you


Site plan, site photos and listening to your wishes give birth to the concept plan; we then carry out the ground and hydraulic plans, sections, details and construction advice file.


If you do not wish to build your infinity pool, we assist you in finding general craftsmen (masons, plumbers, …) and obtaining detailed quotes; the final choice is yours!


Working independently, we draw up a summary of all the filtration equipment without indication of brand. We obviously specify the technical characteristics of each piece of equipment.


As many times as necessary throughout your work, send us your photos and your questions; we check the correct execution, report errors and give you the necessary advice. We can also work directly with your people.

What are the advantages for you ?

First you will have the project you want; no aesthetic or technical challenge scares us. In addition, you will feel the satisfaction of having actually participated.
In addition, it is you who will set the pace of the site; this will of course have to be done while respecting important phases.
Last but not least, depending on your level of involvement, you can make savings ranging from 15 to 50% compared to the price of the same project carried out by a general contractor.

What do you mean by "degree of involvement" ?

For us, each client is unique:
Some people want an original project but cannot devote time to their work and therefore entrust the construction to a general contractor or a swimming pool builder.
Others work with craftsmen and buy the equipment themselves.
Finally, the most involved build their swimming pool alone or with friends; they are the ones who will save the most. It’s up to you to see what your level of involvement would be!

You want to build an infinity pool

Who will build it according to your degree of involvement.

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Catherine & Serge Morana Online Designers and Experts in overflow pools

Since the early 1990s, our activity has been dedicated exclusively to the overflow swimming pool. First as swimming pool contractors and then as swimming pools designers and consultants, in France and abroad.
We were lucky to travel for more or less long professional missions; this allowed us to mix business with pleasure. We were thus able to discover with our children many countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as here in Mauritania.
These experiences enriched us humanly and are undoubtedly at the origin of this site in 2013.

What your pool will look like

Throughout our long career, we have found that some people find it difficult to picture their project; it is for this reason that the 3D plans have developed so much. Actually, they do not satisfy us and we have selected two tools that best meet the expectations of our customers:

The artistic aspect of freehand perspective attracts many of our customers. It more conveys an atmosphere but is no less consistent with what your pool will be tomorrow.

On the other hand, the 3D video is much more realistic but leaves less room for the dream. It goes further than the plans since it sweeps your project over 180º; it’s a bit like your pool is overflown by a drone.
Of course these 2 forms of visualisation are optional and are the subject of an additional estimate on your request.

What our customers ask us

It's yours now

And you, how do you picture your pool ?

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The reasons to make your pool with us

Use us rather than an architect

As we often see, an architect will suggest a swimming pool concept plan but without “hydraulic engineering”: pipes layout from the swimming pool to the technical room and pipes layout drawing in the technical room. It is normal he was not trained for that and he does not have the experience.
The direct consequence is that you will absolutely have to go through a swimming pool contractor to build your infinity pool.
With us, you can ask the companies that build your house to also take care of the swimming pool with the key to great savings and perfect control of the planning of your work.

Trust us for the realisation of your pool

Our first asset is without any doubt our experience; During all these years spent building overflow pools around the world, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge. Used to work in countries where the workforce was low-skilled, we have developed tools, plans and descriptions, which can be understood even by neophytes. Our documents are very educational.

In addition, we have chosen not to increase our structure. In fact, you will always be dealing with us during all phases of our collaboration, because this is how we see working together.

The cost of our services

Our fees depend on the importance of the missions you wish to entrust to us. After our first contact and the reception of your plans, we send a precise estimate of the missions which we can assure for you. It is an à la carte service; It’s up to you to choose the ones you need.
We can assure you that they will be largely compensated by the savings that you will make during the construction of your swimming pool.

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